Winter 2020

HWEA will be the organization of dedicated and knowledgeable professionals
recognized for preserving and enhancing the water environment in the Pacific Island Region.

recent article in New Scientist titled ‘The Hidden Cause of Disease’ explores the idea that “The diseases most people die of have been attributed to unhealthy lifestyles. But evidence now suggests bacteria are to blame, heralding a revolution in medicine.”1 This is revolutionary thinking and for most people, too far out there. I understand that it may sound complicated or even simplistic, but that may be the beauty of it. The simplest explanation is usually the best and when the answer is too complex, the teacher is usually ‘culling the herd’ or really doesn't understand the concept that well themselves. 

Just steps from Waikiki, the Hawaii Convention Center is an event destination like none other – a stunning marriage of form and function, open to sky and sun between the shade of terraces and lanais, graced with courtyards, waterfalls and fishponds to create a meetings and convention backdrop that is at once tranquil and invigorating.

The HWEA Collection System Committee and the Western Chapter of the North America Society for Trenchless Technology (WESTT) held an exciting and informative joint conference on November 20 and 21, 2019. The half-day Pre-Conference was held on November 19 with tours of the CCH-CSM Baseyard in Halawa (observation of various types of equipment, and demonstrations of sewer pumping, smoke testing, and CCTV of sewers) and the new Kapolei Business Park sewage pump station with its newer technology horizontal mounted dry pit submersible 100-HP pumps from Flygt which was attended by about 30 people.



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