Strategic Plan 2019-2022

HWEA will be the organization of dedicated and knowledgeable professionals
recognized for preserving and enhancing the water environment in the Pacific Island Region.




Water professionals committed to preserving and enhancing Hawaii’s water environment


To develop and provide industry leaders, educate a diverse spectrum of water professionals, and increase understanding of the importance and value of water to the environment, public health and the economy



Educate and Engage the Membership

  • Continue to hold the annual Pacific Water Conference jointly with AWWA Hawaii
  • Provide one or two specialty conferences/workshops each year
  • Provide an activity every month that engages the membership spectrum and covers a variety of topics, specialties, and member interests
  • Create a mentoring program to improve succession planning for companies and agencies which includes at least four mentoring events per year
  • Fund the development of an ABC-based, on-line training program for PWO and CSO members
  • Purchase Operations Challenge competition equipment and recruit PWO members to form teams, train/practice and compete at PWC and WEFTEC
  • Continue to professionally publish the Lua Line newsletter quarterly to improve communication within the organization and to showcase Hawaii’s water industry

 External Outreach and Engagement

  • Participate in five or more community outreach and service events each year in a variety of venues to target different demographics
  • Create and maintain a library of educational resources for public outreach
  • Employ a public relations firm to assist with improving visibility and being widely recognized as the independent authority on water, and to develop mutually-beneficial relationships with the media, the legislature, and other decision makers
  • Partner with ACECH by sharing the cost of their lobbyist to access legislators/staff to provide technical expertise on bills of interest to the water industry and to help shape policy
  • Develop and assist funding of an operator internship program for high school students
  • Promote recruitment of operators by participating at career/job fairs


Hawaii Water Environment Association – Strategic Implementation Plan 2019-2022

Goal Activity Action Plan and Metrics Committee Champions

1. Educate and Engage the Membership


1a. Hold joint annual Pacific Water Conference.

Keep PWC attendance within 5% of previous year.



Generate enough net-income to fund 90% of the association's annual expenditures.





1b. Provide 1-2 specialty conference per year.


Biennial Stormwater and Collections Systems conferences every odd year. Water Reuse and Biosolids every even year. Reduce rate for neighbor island attendees.


Biosolids, Collection Systems, Laboratory, Research, Safety, Stormwater, Water Reuse, Y-P





1c. Provide a variety of monthly activities which cover a range of specialties/topics.

Assign activities to each committee and spread them out throughout the year. Set 4 year calendar of 4 quarterly luncheons, 4 socials and 4 training/field trips. Commitees will not get a pass even if they hold a conference that year. Charge non-members.




President and Vice-President

1d. Create and run a mentorship program to improve succession planning and business development for Younger Professionals and operators.


Sponsor at least 4 mentoring events per year. Events will count towards 1c.


Membership, Y-P, PWO



1e. Purchase Operations Challenge equipment.

Purchase within 1 year.


Herman Ellis, Jon Baker

1f. Get BOC approval for online operator training program.

Obtain approval within 1 year.


Gary Hutchinson

1g. Second year Goal: Fund and maintain cost to develop approved online ABC training program for PWO and CSM.


Passing rate of 70%.




Herman Ellis and Gary Hutchinson

1h. Utilize the Lua Line newsletter to improve communication within the organization and to showcase Hawaii's water industry.

4 Lua Lines per year. Articles should include: 2 member profiles, 1 PWO, 1 non-operator, 1 project spotlight, 1 recent activity. Bring website content up-to date within 1 year.

Communications Commitee


Roger Babcock, Staci Taniguchi

2. External Outreach and Engagement

2a. Participate in community outreach and service events throughout the year in a variety of venues to target different demographics.


Participate in 5 events/year.


Public Eduation


Audrey Haerle

2b. Obtain library of resources for outreach

Maintain a library of educational resources. Create vault/website link with resources for members and public.

Public Eduation

Audrey Haerle

2c. Become recognized as independent authority on water with media and the public and provide spokespeople. Cultivate long-term relationships with media and improve visibility.


Recruit 2 spokespeople to provide subject matter experts and prepare position papers and then prepare RFP for Public Relations firm. Identify 2 spokespeople during the 2019 PWC.


Exec Board and Communications


Exec Board, Jessica Agsalda, and John Katahira

2d. Partner with other infrastructure organizations/non-profits and enhance assess to elected officials.

Share cost of a lobbyist and use access to legislators to educate officials and help shape policy (introduce bills and provide testimony). Three contacts with officials per year.


Governtment Affairs


Ken Kawahara and Phil Potter

2e. Develop Operator Internship Program for high school students

Provide grant or assistance to public/private for internship program. Within one year, develop a program to facilitate placement of interns.



Roger Babcock, Frank Doyle, Greg Wilson, Sheryl Nojima

2f. Promote recruitment of operators by sharing the value, benefit and versatility of the career.

Provide PWO booth at career fairs. Attend 1 career fair per year. Take advantage of WEF resources (




Jon Baker and Herman Ellis



Contact Info

Hawai‘i Water Environment Association
PO Box 2422
Honolulu, Hawai‘i 96804
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