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Meeting Minutes 2015

Thursday, April 16, 2015, 11:30 AM – 1:30 PM
Sand Island Treatment Center – Conference Room

Board of Directors  
Emily Dong President
Staci Taniguchi Vice-President (on phone)
Lance Manabe Delegate
Wayne Salas PWO Representative
Jon Baker PWO Vice Representative
Committee – Representatives  
Dorreann Kaehuaea Pretreatment/On-Site Treatment Committee (on phone)
Pat Makham PWO
Lori Kahikina Conference Committee Co-Chairperson 2015
Jay Stone Water Quality Co-Chairperson
Brad Takenaka Water Quality Co-Chairperson
Lori Morikami Public Education Co-Chairperson
Carly Kaneko Safety Co-Chairperson
Shannon Holman Past President
Audrey Haerle Secretary-Treasurer
  Public Education Co-Chairperson, Rebrand Co-Chairperson
Jack Tano Registration Committee Rebrand Co-Chairperson
Trudy Hamic Registration Committee
Carol Zuerndorfer Registration Committee
Mindy Yoneshige Student Affairs Co-Chairperson
Keith Miyashiro Student Affairs Co-Chairperson
Eassie Miller Water Reuse Co-Chairperson
Scott McAdam Conference Committee Co-Chairperson 2015 Safety CoChairperson
John Katahira Ad-Hoc Committee
Roy Abe Ad-Hoc Committee
Wayne White Biosolids/Co-Generation Committee Co-Chairperson
Jun Nakamura Board Advisory/Constitution & Bylaws Co-Chairperson
Lee Mansfield Board Advisory/Constitution & Bylaws Co-Chairperson
Kristie Ching Board Advisory/Constitution & Bylaws Co-Chairperson
Jon Nishimura Collection Committee Chairperson
Tina Ono Collection Committee Chairperson
Leland Lee Communications Vice-Chairperson
Mark Goodrowe Communications Chairperson
Tim Steinberger Government Affairs Chairperson
Walter Billingsley Government Affairs Vice-Chairperson
Merlita Alimagno Laboratory Co-Chairperson
Layne Otomo Laboratory Co-Chairperson
Joni Tanimoto Membership Chairperson
Edie Alipio Pretreatment/On-Site Treatment Chairperson
Quintin Beltran Pretreatment/On-Site Treatment Co-Chairperson
Jason Nakata Rebrand Co-Chairperson
Roger Babcock, Jr. Research Chairperson
Elson Gushiken Water Reuse Co-Chairperson
Susan Mukai Young Professional Co-Chairperson
Alyssa Smith Young Professional Co-Chairperson



RECORDER: Audrey Haerle


Call to Order

  • The meeting was called to order at 11:42 am.

Approval of March Meeting Minutes

  • No comments received.
  • Lance moved to approve the March meeting minutes as sent. Greg seconded the motion. The motion passed.

Committee Reports


  • Board of Certification of Operating Personnel in Wastewater Treatment Facilities –

    Kevin Nakamura

  • Unable to attend. No report.
  • Board Advisory/Constitution & Bylaws Committee - Lee Mansfield, Kristie Ching & June Nakamura
    • Unable to attend. No report.
  • Collection Systems Committee – Jon Nishimura/Tina Ono
    • Call for Papers sent out for Collection Systems Conference.
    • Need accounting information to balance financials.
    • Lance to email Staci and Audrey to follow up.
    • Venue is set.
  • Communications committee – Mark Goodrowe & Leland Lee
    • Unable to attend. No report.
  • Conference Committee 2015 – Lori Kahikina & Scott McAdam
    • Collecting last monies and paying bills (State owes one of the larger bills).
    • State is checking on final payment. P-card payment.
    • Vendor waiting for refund (jury duty) reimbursement. Company was unable to attend in his place.
    • New committee has been selected. First conference committee meeting is next Thursday, April 23, 2015.
    • MOU needs to be signed.
    • Need to discuss exhibitors.
  • Government Affairs Committee – Tim Steinberger & Walter Billingsley
    • Unable to attend. No report.
  • Laboratory Committee – Merlita Alimagno & Layne Otomo
    • Unable to attend.
  • Membership Committee – Joni Tanimoto
    • Unable to attend.
    • Difficult to attend meetings. Emily will meet with Joni to discuss membership.
  • Pretreatment Committee – Quintin Beltran & Edie Alipio
    • Dorreann Kaehuaea standing in for Quintin. See attached report.
  • Public Education Committee – Lori Morikami & Audrey Haerle
    • March 15th, 2015 – Bishop Museum’s Science Alive
    • HWEA brochure
    • Water’s Worth It
    • WEF coloring book
    • Other brochures and candies distributed
    • Waikiki Aquarium attendance in previous years approximately 4000 attendees
    • Waikiki Aquarium event this weekend – Mauka to Makai – 9:00 am to 2:00 pm
    • See attached committee report.
  • Research Committee - Roger Babcock, Jr.
    • Unable to attend. No Report.
  • Student Affairs Committee – Mindy Yoneshige/Keith Miyashiro
    • Unable to attend.
  • Water Reuse Committee – Eassie Miller & Elson Gushiken
    • Unable to attend. No report.
  • Water Quality Committee – Jay Stone & Brad Takenaka
    • Stormwater/Biosolids Workshop - May 28, 2015 at Manoa Grand Ballroom
    • Using Cvent for registration.
    • Meet with Trudy to discuss registration for cvent and download financials.
    • April 23 early bird registration ends.
  • Young Professionals Committee – Susan Mukai, Alyssa Smith & Jessica Agsalda
    • April 30 – Social event at the Social
  • Biosolids/Co-Generation Committee – Greg Arakaki & Wayne White
    • Need to replace one speaker topic. Will provide update once speaker is updated.
  • Safety Committee – Scott McAdam & Carly Kaneko
    • Need some suggestions.
    • Suggestion for engineer team to train for safety event for Ops Challenge.
    • Look into safety for operations side for membership. Is additional training needed?
    • Fatalities and other examples to teach safety workshops.
    • Safety person could visit other plants and conduct safety inspections.
    • Regulations change, need to stay updated on the safety regulations.
    • Hawaii has a state safety conference every two years.
    • May want to attend safety conference. Add to HWEA budget.

Board of Directors Items 

  • Secretary/Treasurer's Report: Emily Dong for Audrey Haerle
    • Account Balances as of 4/15/2015
      ML Conference Checking $276,320.53
      Bank of Hawaii $11,478.91
      Petty Cash $50.00
      CD Investments $100,000.00
      Total Assets $387,849.44
      Total Income 9,458.01
      Total Expenses 24,925.89
      Rolling Balance -15,467.88

  • President Report: Emily Dong

                 o Draft Budget is  available.             

  • Budget was reviewed.
  • Emily will send updated budget to the board to vote.
  • New website will be launched soon. Working on layout.
  • Logo comments received – Check strategic plan to verify whether HWEA is following the strategic plan. Logo will need to be revisited to incorporate the mission and goals of the organization.
  • Strategic Plan was updated.
  • Lance mentioned that Dianne (WEF) indicated that HWEA should check with WEF on expansion to Pacific – rebranding issue is mainly focused on the website – not changing the mission of the organization
  • Strategic Plan had more significant changes.
  • HWEA Board commented that website looked good.
  • Carol, Jack, Trudy would like to integrate registration into new website.
  • Operations – Board of Certification program – most likely to be accepted - 0.1 CEU per session (2 to 3 hours) – WEF certified webinar
  • Targeted to start in May – begin as a pilot program
  • Will purchase webinars from WEF
  • Vice-President Report: Staci Taniguchi
    • Looking at quarterly luncheon – need information from Emily – May
    • Jeff Pearson from AWWA asking about joint luncheon for the following quarter –

August – AWWA/HWEA/ASCE – dinner previously – Staci follow up with Jeff

  • Award nominations – WEF awards – look into getting back in, missed a few in the last couple years
  • Federation Matters: Delegate, Lance Manabe
    • Audrey is attending WEFMAX
    • Lance will be attending WEFMAX at Kansas City in two weeks
    • House of Delegates involvement is up to delegate – more involved will allow more input in national matters
    • Lance will provide report after WEFMAX
    • Hawaii will host WEFMAX in 2020
  • PWO Matters: Wayne Salas/Jon Baker
    • PWO meeting last Saturday – 20 people attended
    • Tour and class at MBR facility at Wahiawa WWTP April 11. 9am – 12:30pm. Three to four hours. No fee.  All volunteers.  21 attendees.
    • American Water (Hawaii Kai) plant – chlorination planned for next event – will send flyer out later this month. Will post flyer on the website.  Up to 25 attendees.
    • Want to visit plant
    • Looking at training for groups for PWO Challenge
    • Have non-operators team only focus on two other challenges (pump, safety, pipe cutting, etc.)
  • Past President: Shannon Holman
    • No report.

Old Business

  • None.

New/Miscellaneous Business

  • Website – do not have date set for when website will be up.

Internet Inquiries

  • None.

Next Meeting:

Thursday, May 21

Up-Coming Events:

  • None.


  • None.

Meeting adjourned at 12:40 PM.
  Prepared by:                                                                   Staci Taniguchi, Vice President




Pretreatment/On-Site Pretreatment Committee

Quintin “Jun” Beltran, Co-Chair Dorreann Kaehuaea, Co-Chair

Proposed Agenda Item for Executive Board Meeting 4/10/2015

Agenda Item: Public Education & Outreach Activities for Kids (5 minutes)

Focus on creating some hands on activities for kids that will help them to understand some of the pretreatment program issues and solutions.

Shake, Rattle, and Roll Activity: Three clear colorful bottles were filled with water and pieces of toilet paper, paper towels, and flushable wipes. Booth visitors (children and adults) were asked to shake the bottles vigorously to compare how each paper product placed in the bottles would break down.

Results were immediate. The toilet paper was the only product that broke down in comparison to paper towels and flushable wipes which could clog their household plumbing and the sewer system. This activity was used at the Bishop Museum Science Alive event in March.

Other hands on activities we are working on implementing:

Ahupua’a Wheel – A simple two wheel design with an illustration of the water cycle that is unique to Hawaii depicting the Ahupua’a system. Children can color the illustrated design, cut out the wheel and attach with a pin. It is an educational tool that can be used to teach basic ecology

Wastewater Treatment Wheel – Same concept as the Ahupua’a Wheel but this activity will help children learn about the basics of the wastewater treatment process.

These activities will help children to understand important concepts about the environment and to develop new skills by making predictions and observations.

To:            Emily Dong, President
                 Staci Taniguchi,Vice President
                 Audrey Hearle, Secretary / Treasurer

From:     Audrey  Haerle, Public Education Committee, Co-Chairperson
                Email:  audrey@tlcghawai    ph 596-7790   cell 783-8328
                Lori Kaj Morikami,Public Education Committee, Co-Chairperson
                Email: lori.morikami@doh.hawaii. gov   ph 586-4294   fax 586-4300
                MyD\HWEA Pub Ed - 2008\pub ed-2015 04 16 comm rpt to ExecBoard.doc

Subject:           Public Education / Outreach Committee Report

  1. April 18, 2015 Saturday 9:00 am - 3:00 pm Mauka to Makai Event - at the Waikiki Aquarium

Conference Bags to be distributed with HWEA Trifold Brochure, Water's Worth It Brochure,

Catch A Ride Water Cycle Coloring Book, DOH-WWB Septic Tank Brochure and DOH-WWB Tips for Trouble Free Septic Tank   Brochure

Candies with HWEA label,Summer/Water Tattoos and Stickers (Iam a Water Hero, Water Needs our Protection, etc.)

  1. Board of Certification - mini update

For more information, please contact Miles Nishioka of the Wastewater Branch at phone (808) 586-4294 or fax (808) 586-4300 for basic information, otherwise, contact any BOC member for details.

Attachments:        Copies of Brochure items

Reimbursement  request

 conference bag



foldout brochures1

 comic book




Protect Our Water! Protect our Water!    
Protect Our Water! Protect our Water!    
Protect Our Water! Protect our Water!
Protect Our Water! Protect our Water!    
Protect Our Water! Protect our Water!    
Protect Our Water! Protect our Water!    
Protect Our Water! Protect our Water!    
Protect Our Water! Protect our Water!    





Contact Info

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