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Meeting Minutes 2015


Thursday, May 21, 2015, 11:30 AM – 1:30 PM
Sand Island Treatment Center – Conference Room

Board of Directors  
Emily Dong President
Staci Taniguchi Vice-President (on phone)
Audrey Haerle Secretary-Treasurer
Shannon Holman Past President
Lance Manabe Delegate
Jon Baker PWO Vice Representative
Committee – Representatives  
Greg Arakaki Biosolids/Co-Generation Committee Co-Chairperson
Scott McAdam Conference Committee Co-Chairperson 2015/16 Safety Co-Chairperson
Audrey Haerle Public Education Co-Chairperson, Rebrand Co-Chairperson
Lori Morikami Public Education Co-Chairperson
Brad Takenaka Water Quality Co-Chairperson
Jay Stone Water Quality Co-Chairperson
Wayne Salas PWO Representative
Pat Markham PWO Committee
John Katahira Ad-Hoc Committee
Roy Abe Ad-Hoc Committee
Wayne White Biosolids/Co-Generation Committee Co-Chairperson
June Nakamura Board Advisory/Constitution & Bylaws Co-Chairperson
Lee Mansfield, Board Advisory/Constitution & Bylaws Co-Chairperson
Kristie Ching Board Advisory/Constitution & Bylaws Co-Chairperson
Jon Nishimura Collection Committee Chairperson
Tina Ono Collection Committee Chairperson
Leland Lee Communications Vice-Chairperson
Mark Goodrowe Communications Chairperson
Lori Kahikina Conference Committee Co-Chairperson 2015
Puna Kaneakua Conference Committee Co-Chairperson 2016
Tim Steinberger Government Affairs Chairperson
Walter Billingsley Government Affairs Vice-Chairperson
Merlita Alimagno Laboratory Co-Chairperson
Layne Otomo Laboratory Co-Chairperson
Joni Tanimoto Membership Chairperson
Edie Alipio Pretreatment/On-Site Treatment Chairperson
Quintin Beltran Pretreatment/On-Site Treatment Co-Chairperson Dorreann Kaehuaea
Jason Nakata Pretreatment/On-Site Treatment Committee
Jack Tano Rebrand Co-Chairperson Rebrand Co-Chairperson
  Rebrand Co-Chairperson
Trudy Hamic Registration Committee
Carol Zuerndorfer Registration Committee
Roger Babcock, Jr. Research Chairperson
Carly Kaneko Safety Co-Chairperson
Mindy Yoneshige Student Affairs Co-Chairperson
Keith Miyashiro Student Affairs Co-Chairperson
Eassie Miller Water Reuse Co-Chairperson
Elson Gushiken Water Reuse Co-Chairperson
Susan Mukai Young Professional Co-Chairperson
Alyssa Smith Young Professional Co-Chairperson
Jessica Agsalda Young Professionals Co-Chair



RECORDER: Audrey Haerle


Call to Order

  • The meeting was called to order at 11:46 am.

Approval of March Meeting Minutes

  • No comments received by Staci (recorded in Audrey’s absence).
    • Jay moved to approve the March meeting minutes as sent. Greg seconded the motion. The motion passed.

Committee Reports


  • Board of Certification of Operating Personnel in Wastewater Treatment Facilities –Kevin Nakamura
  • Unable to attend. No report.

·Board Advisory/Constitution & Bylaws Committee - Lee Mansfield, Kristie Ching & June Nakamura

  • Unable to attend. No report.

·Collection Systems Committee – Jon Nishimura/Tina Ono

  • Unable to attend.
  • Emily: Conference in December. Budget submitted (~$24,000).

·Communications committee – Mark Goodrowe & Leland Lee

  • Unable to attend. No report.

·Conference Committee 2015 – Lori Kahikina & Scott McAdam

  • Collecting last monies and paying bills (State owes one of the larger bills).
    • After today, anything will be rolled into 2016 conference income.
    • We close out ~$100,000 net income (before splitting with AWWA).
  • 2016 Conference Feb 2-4, Golf Tourney is on 5th, this year community service on the following Saturday (Feb 6th).
  • Theme contest announcement distributed.
  • Emily asked for any items for website to be forwarded to her.

·Government Affairs Committee – Tim Steinberger & Walter Billingsley

  • Unable to attend. No report.

·Laboratory Committee – Merlita Alimagno & Layne Otomo

  • Unable to attend. No report.

·Membership Committee – Joni Tanimoto

  • Unable to attend.
  • Emily to meet with Joni this month.

·Pretreatment Committee – Quintin Beltran & Edie Alipio

  • Unable to attend. No report.

·Public Education Committee – Lori Morikami & Audrey Haerle

  • Report attached.
  • April 18th, 2015 – Waikiki Aquarium’s Mauka to Makai Expo
    • Thank you to Jason Nakata, Alicia Nakano, Alyssa Smith & co., and Cristina Ahmadpour.
  • WWTP tours – considering one in July. Possibly Honouliuili WWTP Reuse Facility.
  • Will to look into new promo items to hand out, possibly some educational signs for bathrooms that can be used at schools and businesses (graphic of plumbing/sewer systems, different languages). Shower timers, etc.
    • Ideas or suggestions are welcome

·Research Committee - Roger Babcock, Jr.

  • Unable to attend. No Report.

·Student Affairs Committee – Mindy Yoneshige/Keith Miyashiro

  • Stockholm Junior Water Prize Winner is Iokua Spencer, Olomana High School
  • Mentor helps him with project and will take him to a course in the summer
  • Mindy helped edit the paper, submitted yesterday
  • He will travel with his brother and we will reimburse them. His mentor and teacher are also flying out to Virginia.
  • Mindy requested to ask to remove clause against repeat applicants because we have such low response. 2 x $2,000 scholarships.
  • Board discussed opening it to people outside of HWEA membership because the reqs are so inclusive.
  • Perhaps we can change reqs so that the person has to do a community service project or something related to the water industry.
  • Mindy to follow up.

·Water Reuse Committee – Eassie Miller & Elson Gushiken

  • Unable to attend. No report.

·water Quality Committee – Jay Stone & Brad Takenaka

  • Stormwater/Biosolids Workshop - May 28, 2015 at Manoa Grand Ballroom
  • 73 attendees, 5 vendor booths.
  • $4400 income to come later.
  • Received 2 x $250 checks from ENV, Audrey will follow up with them to make sure they didn’t overpay.
  • EnviroCert offered to sponsor if their name is advertised. Some concern since sponsorship opportunities weren’t necessary offered to other. TBD by committee.

·Young Professionals Committee – Susan Mukai, Alyssa Smith & Jessica Agsalda

  • Unable to attend. No report.

·Biosolids/Co-Generation Committee – Greg Arakaki & Wayne White

  • Last speaker was found, Lori Kahikina (Director of ENV).

·Safety Committee – Scott McAdam &Carly Kaneko

  • No report.

Board of Directors Items

Secretary/Treasurer's Report: Audrey Haerle  
Account Balances as of 5/21/2015  
ML Conference Checking $304,355.70
Bank of Hawaii $10,065.67
Petty Cash $50.00
CD Investments $100,000.00
Total Assets $414,471.37
Total Income $40,154.56
Total Expenses $29,000.51
Rolling Balance $11,154.05


  • Resetting password for Merrill Lynch and creating Bank of Hawaii online accounts.
  • Brad inquired about typical reimbursement times. Audrey responded that usually it gets submitted within a week but there had been some lag times.
  • Later Brad clarified that they needed a check for Stormwater/Biosolids Workshop venue expenses since there is a fee to use credit cards. Audrey responded that Taryn can usually cut it in few days. Greg to follow up.
  • Attended WEFMAX Virginia Beach April 15-17, gave summary of highlights:
    • Public Outreach with Media (initiate a rapport with the media before you have an event or crisis. Designate media contacts/topic experts.
    • Value of Water Coalition (Made up local and national leaders from private and public sector to spread awareness about the state of water infrastructure. New website
    • Financial Stability (Introduced Ohio’s new sponsorship system, companies only donate once a year and receive points that can be used for various events).
    • Membership (students and stormwater field are low hanging fruit).
    • Conference (ideas to get attendees to interact with vendors including teaming people up for games such as beanbag toss etc.).
  • Full WEFMAX report and article to be posted on new website.

·President Report: Emily Dong

  • Emily received no responses to motion to approve budget, Shannon commented:
  • Will be at - $20,000 due to website, ad hoc committee.
  • Ad hoc committee should be reduced to $2,500.


  • Exec Committee Promo items income needs to be accounted for. Lance confirmed that they were (shirts sold at PWC), checks deposited.
    • Conference committee to finalize budget (removing centerpieces, discussing coffee).
    • Some committees pad budget but do not use it.
    • AWWA Conference MOU is with Lance, Jon can sign for Wayne.
    • New website will be launched after next Wednesday’s meeting so Board can comment.
    • Operators Study Session Program
  • BOC approved CEUs for program
  • First week of June, Saturday mornings for 2-3 hours

·Vice-President Report: Staci Taniguchi

  • Quarterly luncheon will be in June.
  • Emily forwarded her info from Fam at Hale Ikena.
  • Robert Kroning (new DDC director) is possible speaker.

·Federation Matters: Delegate, Lance Manabe

  • Lance expanded on sponsorship points program, how it is better for companies because you only have to inquire with them once a year.
  • Illinois student chapter have good connection with instructors.
  • Plant tours, evening with industry, meeting with CEOs of companies.
  • Different organizational structure that operate with councils.

o Councils group committees together.

  • Leadership development is important, some MAs have a historian with 3-year term that can track changes and provide continuity.
  • Delegate report provided in hard copy for more details.

·PWO Matters: Jon Baker

  • Taking inventory of equipment, need to look in pump rental.
  • Looked at WEF website to register Ops Challenge team but it is under construction.
  • Contacted WEF and reserved a spot for the team.
  • Next Plant Tour - Hawaii American Water Saturday, June 27th 9 am – 12 pm.
    • 25 ppl max.
    • Emphasis at this plant is chlorine system.
    • Aiming to do one private then public tour.
    • Last tour at Wahiawa provided CEUs.
  • Is Merlita helping with Lab? She may be interested in coming back; possibly returning to previous position so may be available to help with OC again.

·Past President: Shannon Holman

  • Last she spoke with June, leadership workshop to be in Nov.

Old Business

  • None.

New/Miscellaneous Business

  • None.

Internet Inquiries

  • None.



Next Meeting:

Tuesday, June 16th  at 11:30 am

Up-Coming Events:

  • Stormwater/Biosolids Workshop - May 28, 2015 at Manoa Grand Ballroom.
  • Collections Systems Conference - December 4, 2015 (call for papers).



  • WEF Webcast, Closing the Gap: EPA Region 3 Public-Private Sponsorship Program - May 28, 2015.

Meeting adjourned at 12:53 PM.





Contact Info

Hawai‘i Water Environment Association
PO Box 2422
Honolulu, Hawai‘i 96804
General Inquiries: