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Meeting Minutes 2015


Thursday, July 23, 2015, 11:30 AM – 1:30 PM
Sand Island Treatment Center – Conference Room

Board of Directors  
Emily Dong President
Staci Taniguchi Vice-President
Audrey Haerle Secretary-Treasurer
Shannon Holman (on phone) Past President 
Wayne Salas PWO Representative
Jon Baker PWO Vice Representative
Committee – Representatives  
Greg Arakaki Biosolids/Co-Generation Committee Co-Chairperson
Scott McAdam Conference Committee Co-Chairperson 2015/16 Safety Co-Chairperson
Audrey Haerle Public Education Co-Chairperson, Rebrand Co-Chairperson
Lori Morikami Public Education Co-Chairperson
Brad Takenaka Water Quality Co-Chairperson
Lance Manabe Delegate
Pat Markham PWO Committee
John Katahira Ad-Hoc Committee
Roy Abe Ad-Hoc Committee
Wayne White Biosolids/Co-Generation Committee Co-Chairperson
June Nakamura Board Advisory/Constitution & Bylaws Co-Chairperson
Lee Mansfield, Board Advisory/Constitution & Bylaws Co-Chairperson
Kristie Ching Board Advisory/Constitution & Bylaws Co-Chairperson
Jon Nishimura Collection Committee Chairperson
Tina Ono Collection Committee Chairperson
Leland Lee Communications Vice-Chairperson
Mark Goodrowe Communications Chairperson
Lori Kahikina Conference Committee Co-Chairperson 2015
Puna Kaneakua Conference Committee Co-Chairperson 2016
Tim Steinberger Government Affairs Chairperson
Walter Billingsley Government Affairs Vice-Chairperson
Merlita Alimagno Laboratory Co-Chairperson
Layne Otomo Laboratory Co-Chairperson
Joni Tanimoto Membership Chairperson
Edie Alipio Pretreatment/On-Site Treatment Chairperson
Quintin Beltran Pretreatment/On-Site Treatment Co-Chairperson 
Dorreann Kaehuaea Pretreatment/On-Site Treatment Committee
Lori Morikami Public Education Co-Chairperson
Jason Nakata Rebrand Co-Chairperson
Jack Tano Registration Committee
  Rebrand Co-Chairperson
Carol Zuerndorfer Registration Committee
Trudy Hamic Registration Committee
Roger Babcock, Jr. Research Chairperson
Carly Kaneko Safety Co-Chairperson
Mindy Yoneshige Student Affairs Co-Chairperson
Keith Miyashiro Student Affairs Co-Chairperson
Jay Stone Water Quality Co-Chairperson
Eassie Miller Water Reuse Co-Chairperson
Elson Gushiken Water Reuse Co-Chairperson
Susan Mukai Young Professional Co-Chairperson
Alyssa Smith Young Professional Co-Chairperson
Jessica Agsalda Young Professionals Co-Chair


RECORDER: Audrey Haerle


Call to Order

  • The meeting was called to order at 11:40 am.

Approval of June Meeting Minutes

  • No comments received.
    • Scott moved to approve the June meeting minutes as amended. Staci seconded the motion. The motion passed.

Committee Reports


  1. Board Advisory/Constitution & Bylaws Committee – Lee Mansfield, Kristie Ching & June Nakamura
    • Unable to attend. No report.

B.Board of Certification of Operating Personnel in Wastewater Treatment Facilities – Kevin Nakamura

  • Unable to attend. No report.
  • Wayne Salas or Eassie Miller are possible nominees to replace Kevin whose term is up. Emily to speak with them this week.

C.Biosolids/Co-Generation Committee – Greg Arakaki & Wayne White

  • Waiting for payment from ENV (storm water).

D.Collection Systems Committee – Jon Nishimura/Tina Ono

  • Unable to attend.
  • Emily: Conference in December.

E.Communications committee – Mark Goodrowe & Leland Lee

  • Unable to attend. No report.
  • To be merged with Rebrand Committee. A meeting will be scheduled.
  • HWEA emails need to be switched over to new people.


F.Conference Committee 2016 – Scott McAdam & Puna Kaneakua

  • Call for papers out next month
  • Registration opening August 1st.

G.Government Affairs Committee – Tim Steinberger & Walter Billingsley

  • Unable to attend. No report.

H.Laboratory Committee – Merlita Alimagno & Layne Otomo

  • Unable to attend. No report.
  • Emily followed up with Merlita and she is no longer available to do lab event but will help Alicia and Darnell with golf tournament.
  • Jon will ask around Sand Island and talk to Lyle Shizomoto and Layne.

I.Membership Committee – Joni Tanimoto

  • Unable to attend. No report.

J.Pretreatment Committee – Quintin Beltran & Edie Alipio

  • Unable to attend. No report.

K.Public Education Committee – Lori Morikami & Audrey Haerle

  • No report, looking into events.

L.Research Committee - Roger Babcock, Jr.

  • Unable to attend. No Report.

M.Safety Committee – Scott McAdam &Carly Kaneko

  • No report.

N.Student Affairs Committee – Mindy Yoneshige/Keith Miyashiro

  • Unable to attend. No Report.

O.Water Reuse Committee – Eassie Miller & Elson Gushiken

  • Unable to attend. No report.
  • Emily: Eassie is looking for a replacement.

P.Water Quality Committee – Jay Stone & Brad Takenaka

  • WEF is adding more storm water material to website, they will review it.

Q.Young Professionals Committee – Susan Mukai, Alyssa Smith & Jessica Agsalda

  • Unable to attend. No report.
  • June 27th Beach clean-up at Magic Island with AWWA/ASCE & Sustainable Coastlines. Founder Kahi Pacarro spoke at our luncheon last year.
  • Audrey is considering doing a clean-up at Sand Island Beach Park. There are a lot of cigarette butts so we will need sand sifters.
Board of Directors Items  
Secretary/Treasurer's Report: Audrey Haerle  
o   Account Balances as of 7/21/2015  
ML Conference Checking $296,391.85
Bank of Hawaii $1,667.04
Petty Cash $50.00
CD Investments $100,000.00
TOTAL ASSETS: 398,108.89
Total Income $40,632.64
Total Expenses $45,841.07
Rolling Balance ($5,208.43)
  • Merrill Lynch completed processing to add Audrey and Puna as authorized signatories.
  • Board voted to pass the proposed changes to the WEF Constitution & Bylaws.
  • Received a thank you letter from student Chase Nakagawa for scholarship.
  • $10,000 to be transferred from the ML account to the Bank of Hawaii account after Taryn reconciles some unknown payments in the ML account.

·President Report: Emily Dong

  • New website is now live, along with mobile app and Instagram account.
  • Rebrand Committee will meet with developer about app.
  • Operators Study Session Program is still going well, around 8-10 participants

·Vice-President Report: Staci Taniguchi

  • Quarterly luncheon occurred on July 1st.
  • Attendance was 56, 64 RSVP’d, we paid them for 60.
  • Scott said that we can normally get refunded if we return extra tickets.
  • $960 income, will be $1008.00, expense was $1010.00
  • Registered for WEFTEC, needs to decide which days/workshops to go to. Scott: WEF Leadership Day. Staci to email Diane Crilley.

·Federation Matters: Delegate, Lance Manabe

  • Unable to attend. No report.

·PWO Matters: Jon Baker

  • Next tour KK Tunnel, sometime in August.
  • Planning for chili cook-off, recipe calendar and Subway fundraiser (BOGOF).
  • Ops Challenge team is finalized and they are going to register.
    • Scaffold for training is getting moved from ENV facility, Jon inquired about

getting it moving to SI or borrowing it.

  • Working with pump rental company Pacific Pump for estimates.

·Past President: Shannon Holman

  • Met with June Nakamura, we did not get picked for the BWS grant. She will plan Leadership Workshop for March or April.


Old Business

  • None.

New/Miscellaneous Business

  • None.

Internet Inquiries

  • None.

Next Meeting:

Thursday, Aug 20th at 11:30 am

Up-Coming Events:

  • December 4, 2015 - Collections Systems Conference (call for papers)
  • February 2-4, 2016 - Pacific Water Conference

Up-Coming Webcasts

Evolving Perspective of Nutrients – Pollutant to Resource

Sponsor eShowcase: Peristaltic or Diaphragm Metering Pump – How to Choose?

Advancing Asset Management in Your Utility: Performance, Sustainability, and Resiliency Management


Meeting adjourned at 12:15 PM.






Contact Info

Hawai‘i Water Environment Association
PO Box 2422
Honolulu, Hawai‘i 96804
General Inquiries: