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Meeting Minutes 2015


Thursday, December 17, 2015, 11:30 AM – 1:30 PM
Sand Island Treatment Center – Conference Room

Board of Directors  
Emily Dong President
Staci Taniguchi Vice-President
Audrey Haerle Secretary-Treasurer 
Shannon Holman (on phone) Past President
 Lance Manabe Delegate
Jon Baker PWO Vice Representative
Committee – Representatives  
Scott McAdam Conference Committee Co-Chairperson 2015/16 Safety Co-Chairperson
Audrey Haerle Public Education Co-Chairperson, Rebrand Co-Chairperson
Lori Morikami Public Education Co-Chairperson
Greg Arakaki Biosolids/Co-Generation Committee Co-Chairperson
Brad Takenaka Water Quality Co-Chairperson
Melissa Carmichael PWO Committee
Puna Kaneakua (on phone) Conference Committee Co-Chairperson 2016/17
Wayne Salas PWO Representative
Jessica Agsalda Young Professionals Co-Chair
Pat Markham PWO Committee
John Katahira Ad-Hoc Committee
Roy Abe Ad-Hoc Committee
Wayne White Biosolids/Co-Generation Committee Co-Chairperson 
June Nakamura Board Advisory/Constitution & Bylaws Co-Chairperson
Lee Mansfield, Board Advisory/Constitution & Bylaws Co-Chairperson
Kristie Ching Board Advisory/Constitution & Bylaws Co-Chairperson
Jon Nishimura Collection Committee Chairperson
Tina Ono Collection Committee Chairperson
Leland Lee Communications Vice-Chairperson
Mark Goodrowe Communications Chairperson
Lori Kahikina Conference Committee Co-Chairperson 2015
Tim Steinberger Government Affairs Chairperson
Walter Billingsley Government Affairs Vice-Chairperson
Merlita Alimagno Laboratory Co-Chairperson
Layne Otomo Laboratory Co-Chairperson
Joni Tanimoto Membership Chairperson
Edie Alipio Pretreatment/On-Site Treatment Chairperson
Quintin Beltran Pretreatment/On-Site Treatment Co-Chairperson 
Dorreann Kaehuaea Pretreatment/On-Site Treatment Committee
 Jason Nakata Rebrand Co-Chairperson
Jack Tano Registration Committee
Rebrand Co-Chairperson
Carol Zuerndorfer Registration Committee
Trudy Hamic Registration Committee
Roger Babcock, Jr. Research Chairperson
Carly Kaneko Safety Co-Chairperson
Mindy Yoneshige Student Affairs Co-Chairperson
Keith Miyashiro Student Affairs Co-Chairperson
Jay Stone Water Quality Co-Chairperson
Eassie Miller Water Reuse Co-Chairperson
Elson Gushiken Water Reuse Co-Chairperson
Susan Mukai Young Professional Co-Chairperson



RECORDER: Audrey Haerle


Call to Order

  • The meeting was called to order at 11:45 am.

Approval of November Meeting Minutes

  • Audrey accidently sent out the agenda instead of the minutes so people can take another week to review and we will vote via email.

Committee Reports


  • A.Board Advisory/Constitution & Bylaws Committee – Lee Mansfield, Kristie Ching & June Nakamura
    • Unable to attend. No report.

    B.Board of Certification of Operating Personnel in Wastewater Treatment Facilities – Vacant

    • Unable to attend. No report.

    C.Biosolids/Co-Generation Committee – Greg Arakaki & Wayne White

    • The board of certification is asking for the committee to send a list of all people requesting CEUs, in past they did not want it.

    D.Collection Systems Committee – Jon Nishimura &Tina Ono

    • Unable to attend.
    • Lance: approx $4,500 net income, 192 people registered, 180 showed.
    • Ken Greenberg of EPA and Mayor brought a good crowd.
    • The committee is considering a thank you lunch for volunteers.
    • Audrey: received $17,625 in checks so far, not including Cvent payments. Cvent should be deposited into ML conference account. Expenses are under budget and they do not expect too much more.

    E.Communications committee – Mark Goodrowe & Leland Lee

    • Unable to attend. No report.

    F.Conference Committee 2016 – Scott McAdam & Puna Kaneakua

    • Technical program and exhibit hall layout is set.
    • Dec 24 is earlybird deadline.

    G.Government Affairs Committee – Tim Steinberger & Walter Billingsley

    • Unable to attend. No report.

    H.Laboratory Committee – Merlita Alimagno & Layne Otomo

    • Unable to attend. No report.
    • Jon will contact Layne Otomo regarding the Ops Lab event.
    • The PWO team has the lab event manual and instruction video. Will contact WEF chair if they need help.
    • They will also ask CCH employees for help if needed.

    I.Membership Committee – Joni Tanimoto

    • Unable to attend. No report.

    J.Pretreatment Committee – Quintin Beltran & Dorreann Kaehuaea

    • Unable to attend. No report.

    K.Public Education Committee – Lori Morikami & Audrey Haerle

    • Sunday, November 22: Beach clean-up at Sand Island Recreational Park.
    • Obtained Special Use Permit from DLNR for the event and was in contact with Eric Kato (district supervisor) to inform him that we would not need any cleaning supplies nor trash removal.
    • Created waiver and media release form.
    • Had around 15 people despite the rainy weather. Provided cleaning supplies, drinks and lunch.
    • Wayne Salas sent 8 high school students from Christian Academy for community service credit and next event Greg will try to bring some high school students from his Interact (Rotary) Club. The next event will be on a Saturday so more students can attend as Sundays many go at church.
    • Gave the students grab bags with gift cards, water bottles and HWEA souvenirs.
    • January 15, 2016: Mini WET Make-a-Splash event with CCH at Enchanted Lake Elementary. Audrey and Carrie Asaki (NAVFAQ) will attend.

    L.Research Committee - Roger Babcock, Jr.

    • Unable to attend. No Report.

    M.Safety Committee – Scott McAdam & Carly Kaneko

    • No injuries reported.

    N.Student Affairs Committee – Mindy Yoneshige & Keith Miyashiro

    • Unable to attend. No Report.
    • Scholarship is due by end of the month. Nobody has applied yet.

    O.Water Reuse Committee – Eassie Miller & Elson Gushiken

    • Unable to attend. No report.

    P.Water Quality Committee – Jay Stone & Brad Takenaka

    • Audrey forwarded James Schlaman (WEF Stormwater Committee Collaboration Chair) to Brad. He inquired about structure of our stormwater committee and asked for a HWEA contact.
    • Phil Potter is interested in joining the Government Affairs and Water Quality Committee. It was suggested to put him in contact with Tim and Walter. John
    • Katahira and Roy are also active with legislative issues. Phil will try to make the next meeting.
    • Interested in another workshop in August. They want to make sure that they have new information to share (last workshop was May) and that it does not overlap with PWC, Water Reuse, or Collection System Conference. Considering a biannual schedule.

    Q.Young Professionals Committee – Susan Mukai & Jessica Agsalda

    • Unable to attend. No report.

    Board of Directors Items 

    Secretary/Treasurer's Report: Audrey Haerle  
    Account Balances as of 12/17/2015  
    ML Conference Checking $320,357.82
    Bank of Hawaii $5,847.74
    Petty Cash $50.00
    CD Investments $100,000.00
    TOTAL: 426,255.56
    Total Income $126,146.61
    Total Expenses $103,208.37
    Rolling Balance $22,938.24
    • Reinvested $25,000 into a 1-yr CD investment at 0.80% interest with Merrill Lynch.
    • Taryn will transition Susan Lambert of AECOM into HWEA in January because December is too busy.
    • Collection Systems Conference:
      • Received $17,625 in checks so far, not including Cvent payments.
      • Expenses are under budget and they do not expect to submit more.
      • Net income estimated at $4,500.
      • Audrey will work with Tina to make sure our records match up since we have never received an itemized budget from CS Committee.
    • W-9 updated to Dec 2014 version. Conference chairs need to make sure they have the current version and the ‘Other’ section is completed with 501c.
    • Received golf tournament checks and to will give to Scott.
    • Stormwater Committee: forwarded Brad and Jay’s info to James Schlaman, Stormwater Committee Collaboration Chair. Lance is on working group so Brad should mention that to James.
    • MA awards: Lance is sending one nomination for the Bodell, Wayne will make a decision about the operator award.

    ·President Report: Emily Dong

    • Working on the email server, it is still taking a long time (have to send 40 at a time).
    • Operators study session will be started in Jan or Feb 2016 for 8-10 weeks.

    ·Vice-President Report: Staci Taniguchi

    • ACECH and AWWA cannot do joint lunch this month so she is looking into 3rd week of January.
    • Staci is going to contact Pham for availability at Hale Koa and Brad Wong as a speaker.
    • We will need to vote on new Secretary-Treasurer next meeting.

    ·Federation Matters: Delegate, Lance Manabe

    • Nominated to be on WEFMAX Committee and Stormwater Working Group.
    • Looking into creating a Board of Trustees. Requirements are that you must have served in all three Board positions and as delegate.
    • We need to review our rewards process. Some awards have a specific interval depending on size of MA. Also need to review awards records and update them

    ·PWO Matters: Jon Baker and Wayne Salas

    • Equipment is ready, just need people.
    • Only have enough people to make 2 teams.
    • Everyone needs to advertise for the PWO about the skills challenge to help get more sign-ups. Deadline is end of December.
    • Planning to schedule the skills events when PWO is doing the lab event since not very many people watch the lab event.
    • Gary Hutchinson is helping teach the lab event.

    ·Past President: Shannon Holman

    • Nothing new to report.

    Old Business

    • None.

    New/Miscellaneous Business

    • None.

    Internet Inquiries

    • None.

    Next Meeting:

    Tentatively before the Quarterly luncheon.

    Up-Coming Events:

    • Public Ed “Make-a-Splash” event with CCH at Enchanted Lakes Elementary – Jan 15, 2016
    • Pacific Water Conference – Feb 2 - 4, 2016
    • Annual Golf Tournament – Feb 5, 2016
    • PWC Community Service event – Feb 6, 2016

    Up-Coming Webcasts

    Continuing the Dispersibles Discussions 2016-01-13

    Enabling the Water Resources Utility of the Future Webinar Series 2016-01-21

    From Strategy to Success - The Real Road Map for Asset Management 2016-01-27

    Modeling 301 – A Look at What Can Be Done: Leading Edge Applications for Design, Energy Use Resource Recovery and Integrated Modeling 2016-02-03

    Corrosion: Causes and Controls 2016-02-10

    The Future of Environmental Sustainability – Recycling for a Healthier Planet 2016-03-02

    Meeting adjourned at 12:35 PM.











    Contact Info

    Hawai‘i Water Environment Association
    PO Box 2422
    Honolulu, Hawai‘i 96804
    General Inquiries: