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Meeting Minutes 2016


 Monday, August 15, 2016 11:30 AM – 1:00 PM
Sand Island Treatment Plant – Conference Room

Board of Directors  
Staci Taniguchi President
Audrey Haerle Vice-President
Roger Babcock Secretary-Treasurer
Jon Baker PWO Representative
Lance Manabe National Delegate
Committee – Representatives  
Scott McAdam Conference Co-Chair 2016 Safety Co-Chair
Audrey Haerle Public Education Co-Chair 
Martin Roush (on phone) Water Reuse Co-Chair 
Brad Takenaka Stormwater Co-Chair
Roger Babcock Research Co-Chair
Melissa Carmichael Biosolids Co-Chair
Greg Arakaki Biosolids Co-Chair
Phil Potter Guest



PRESIDING: Staci Taniguchi
RECORDER: Roger Babcock


 Call to Order

  • The meeting was called to order at 11:42 am by S Taniguchi.

Approval of July Meeting Minutes

  • The minutes of the July 18, 2016 meeting were approved.

Committee Reports

A. Board Advisory/Constitution & Bylaws (Lee Mansfield/Kristie Ching/June Nakamura): no report

B. Board of Certification (Eassie Miller): no report

C. Biosolids/Co-Generation Committee (Greg Arakaki/Melissa Carmichael)

  • Looking to do a tour of Sand Island digester in November/December
  • Considering a tour of Laie composting facility

D. Collection Systems (Jon Nishimura/Tina Ono): no report

E. Communications (Mark Goodrowe/Leland Lee/Kapiolani Street):

  • Will be meeting with web designer. Need a new email service – considering Mailchimp and Constant Contact (cost about $40-50/mo)

 F. Conference Committee 2016 (Puna Kaneakua/Emily Dong):

  • MOU with AWWA draft was discussed and modifications suggested for approval by AWWA.
  • Working on the budget.
  • Call for abstracts came out on August 5th

G. Government Affairs (Tim Steinberger/Walter Billingsley): Staci will contact the chairs that Phil Potter from Kennedy/Jenks is interested to help on this committee.

H. Laboratory (No chairs): Jon is talking to the lab technician at Kailua WWTP about joining

I. Membership (Joni Tanimoto):

  • Will get an updated email list from WEF

J. Pretreatment (Doreann Kaehuaea/Jack Tano): • No report

K. Public Education (Lori Morikami/Audrey Haerle):

  • Several Hawaii folks will attend the WEFTEC 2016 awards ceremony to accept the award with Audrey in New Orleans.
  • PWC service project working ideas include building a “stealth” rain garden at Kalihi Valley Park, storm drain stenciling, and a stream clean-up.
  • WEF is promoting a nation-wide event called “A Day Without Water” on Sept 15th and suggesting that MAs do something. Considering a treatment plant tour for the public.

L. Research (Roger Babcock/Chad Morrow): no report

M. Safety (Scott McAdam/Carly Kaneko): no report

N. Student Affairs (Mindy Yoneshige/Keith Miyashiro): no report

O. Stormwater (Jay Stone/Brad Takenaka):

  • The committee has decided not become a part of the Pacific Water Conference (PWC) next year (separate track and a pre-conference workshop).
  • Will plan for a one-day workshop in 2017 probably joint with Biosolids again.
  • Phil Potter will be helping with this committee

P. Water Reuse (Martin Roush/Lorna Heller): Dates are December 1-2, 2016 in Kauai. Tom Venus is helping this committee. Now working on possible speakers. Exhibits will be in a small area, only a hallway at the hotel.

Q. Young Professionals (Jessica Agsalda/Mark Ohigashi):

  •  Aug 20, 8:30am, Mokauea Island, invasive species clearing

Board of Directors Reports

Secretary/Treasurer's Report: Roger Babcock  
 Account Balances as of 7/31/2016  
ML Conference Checking $316,636.31
Bank of Hawaii $4,518.30
Petty Cash $50.00
CD Investments $100,000.00
TOTAL: 421,204.61
Total Income $48,800.65
Total Expenses $82,091.98
Rolling Balance ($33,291.33)
  • Roger will work with Taryn to create a new category for “payment to AWWA for conference”
  • Roger will ask Taryn if she wants to continue as HWEA bookkeeper

·President Report: Staci Taniguchi

  • AWWA conference MOU – draft from AWWA will be updated with changes discussed at meeting, when OK by AWWA then officers will sign it
  • WEF has indicated that national membership dues will increase in 2017 (from $133 to $140 for individual). The WEF letter/explanation will be posted on the HWEA website. A future mass email will also include this letter. Email will go out after a new email system is implemented.

·Vice-President Report: Audrey Haerle

  • Quarterly luncheon – October 5 at Hale Ikena and will be a joint meeting with CMAA, cost will be $25/member, investigating a speaker possibly on stormwater permits/BMPs/inspections or asset management

·Federation Matters: Delegate, Lance Manabe:

  • Lance has been selected as At-Large Delegate which will start at WEFTEC 2016, he will no longer be the Hawaii Delegate. Term is 2016 - 2019
  • New Hawaii delegate Sheryl Nojima will start in October at WEFTEC 2016. Term is 2016-2019

·PWO Matters: Jon Baker

  • The HWEA budget for WEFTEC for PWO includes travel/registration/lodging for four Operations Challenge team members plus a PWO rep. The Operations Challenge team will send a back-up team member (5th person) and PWO has done fundraising to pay the expenses for the fifth member.

·Past President: Emily Dong

  • No report

Old Business

  • None

New/Miscellaneous Business

  • None

Next Meeting:

  • September 19th 11:30am

Meeting adjourned at 1:25 PM





Contact Info

Hawai‘i Water Environment Association
PO Box 2422
Honolulu, Hawai‘i 96804
General Inquiries: