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Proposed Amendment to the HWEA Constitution and Bylaws

The HWEA Board of Directors is recommending the following change to the Constitution and Bylaws. This amendment was discussed at the General Membership meeting during the Pacific Water Conference in February and will now be voted on electronically. You may send any questions or comments to Jason Nikaido, at HWEA last approved revisions to the Constitution & Bylaws in 2018. The full HWEA Constitution and Bylaws (Revised May 15, 2018) can be viewed HERE. Please review the proposed changes below, and then vote via Survey Monkey HERE.

Background: The current rotation for officers is Secretary, Treasurer, Vice-President and finally President. The board has authorized and made significant changes to HWEA’s financial and accounting structure over the past year that has increased the complexity and learning curve of the position. The Treasurer is responsible for taxes, insurance, accounts payable and receivable, transfers and account reconciliation. Practically speaking, when the Treasurer is comfortable with the duties, their term is near completion. Allowing the Treasurer to serve consecutive terms provides stability and continuity to HWEA’s financial operations.

Words with strikethroughs are deletions. Words that are underlined are additions. Where there are inconsistencies in naming conventions, the amendments voted on the latest take precedent.

Amendment 1: Allowing the Treasurer to Serve Consecutive Terms
Rationale: Changes in this section allow the Treasurer to serve consecutive
terms and provides stability and continuity to HWEA’s financial operations.


9.1 Terms of Office

9.1.1 The terms for the President, Vice-President, Treasury Treasurer and Secretary shall be for approximately one year, which term shall start after their installation at the Association annual conference and continue until their successors are installed.

9.1.2 The term for the WEF Delegate shall be approximately three years as determined by the annual meetings of the House of Delegates.

9.1.3 The term for the PWO Representative shall be for approximately three years, which shall start after their installation at the Association annual conference, and continue until their successor is installed. The term for the PWO Vice Representative shall coincide with that of the PWO Representative.

9.1.4 Officers who serve full terms (greater than half term) shall not be eligible to serve in consecutive terms except for the office of Treasurer.




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