Summer 2023

HWEA will be the organization of dedicated and knowledgeable professionals
recognized for preserving and enhancing the water environment in the Pacific Island Region.

On April 20, 2023, HWEA hosted its second quarterly luncheon of the year at Dave & Buster’s Paina Hale, featuring our guest speaker, Danielle M. M. Bass,

State Sustainability Coordinator for the State of Hawaii Office of Planning and Sustainable Development. Her presentation was entitled “Sustainability Planning for Hawaii” in which Danielle shared with our members an overview of the State of Hawaii’s sustainability and climate adaptive planning efforts, including discussion of progress reports and updates. Danielle also shared a brief background of the Hawaii 2050 Sustainability Plan and the eight focus areas recommended for 2020 to 2030, which includes the following:

HWEA expresses deep gratitude to everyone in attendance as well as Danielle for sharing her presentation on the State of Hawaii’s sustainability efforts. If you have any questions or interested in learning more about the Hawaii 2050 Sustainability Plan, please feel free to email Danielle at Danielle.M.Bass@hawaii.govTo view the Hawaii 2050 Sustainability Plan in its entirety, visit



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